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Falling in love with Fucecchio - Urban Trekking

Storytelling Experience Tour

Project created by Iter mentis and Cultural Association “La Sorgente dei Sorrisi”

  • Date: Sunday, 12th February 2023
  • Duration: 4 hours
    3.30 p.m.- Meeting point: Fucecchio. Parking area: Roundabout ‘La libertà di un nastro Lettera 22’
  • Means of transport: Your own means of transport up to the meeting point / urban trekking.
    Comfortable shoes, rucksack and water bottle recommended.
7 InSoliti Posti TO DISCOVER!!!

1- The ORATORY of the Virgin Mary of “La Ferruzza” with demonstration of Sarello stuffing, a natural plant, which can be found in “Il Padule
2- The Foundations of Castruccio TOWER
3- The stretch of the Via Francigena in the historical centre
4- Volta Palace and its medieval basements – REHEARSAL of the ancient costumes of the famous “Palio Storico” for the participants
5- Museo del Novecento Indro Montanelli
6- Noble Contrada Sant’Andrea -cantuccini, vin santo and “Doriano” limoncello tasting
7- POGGIO SALAMARTANO Collegiate Church and San Salvatore Abbey


We will meet at the roundabout “La libertà di un nastro “Lettera 22”at 3.30 in the afternoon. Here we will meet our hiking guide, Guia, who will accompany us on this wonderful urban trekking. We will discover the ancient village of Fucecchio, land of art and culture, and fall in love with these locations, which are still unknown to most people, but rich in magic and history.

The first unuSual Place we will visit is the Oratory of the Virgin Mary of La Ferruzza with its beautiful wash-house, where we will witness Sarello stuffing, a natural plant growing in “Il Padule” used for both manufactured household products and livestock breeding. Later on, we will walk up Via della Ferruzza, where we can admire the Foundations of Castruccio Tower, and as soon as we reach the village, we continue along Via Bacci-the stretch of the VIA FRANCIGENA (stage number 29) of the official historical route and we reach Volta Palace: a building rich in ancient and modern history, where mysteries and famous people of the past will open up the doors for us. Here you can admire the ancient costumes of the historical parades of the “Palio of Fucecchio”, which is held in “Buca” in May every year, and the rehearsal of an ancient costume of the Palio Storico for only one participant will take place!
Afterwards, we will visit a unique and charming place, the palace basements, now turned into high-quality cellars, where we can enjoy a medieval atmosphere. We will also visit the amazing Museo del Novecento Indro Montanelli. Indro Montanelli was a famous journalist, who was born in Fucecchio. Here you can admire his desks and his famous “Olivetti Lettera 22” typewriter and experience the thrill of typing a letter.
Afterwards, we will have time to stop at Nobile Contrada Sant’Andrea for cantuccini, vin santo and the famous “Doriano” limoncello tasting.
Leaving the palace, we can admire the lights on the horizon from Poggio Salamartano, which is the crown jewel of the small Village of Fucecchio, which also houses the Collegiate Church and the Abbey of San Salvatore.
The end of the guided tour.


Minimum 20 participants (Children under 12 years of age free of charge)

The price INCLUDES:

local guide to the 7 unusual places listed above, local hiking guide, tour leader and storyteller, cantuccini, vin Santo and “Doriano” limoncello tasting, experiences included (rehearsal of the medieval costumes, writing activity at “Lettera 22” Indro Montanelli), insurance. Suitable for children in pushchairs.


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