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In the heart of Tuscany, far from common places. Fucecchio has environmental characteristics that make it extraordinary. A fascinating destination to explore, an unexpected and surprising place to fall in love with.


Imagine a village nestled in the heart of the most authentic Tuscany.
Castle on the Via Francigena, crossroad of ancient medieval paths such as the Via Romea Strata and the Via Medicea, Fucecchio is the city you do not expect, which guards the access to the Padule (Marsh), which was the birthplace of the journalist Indro Montanelli, who offers an unexpected vitality, manufacturing excellence made in Tuscany and all the charm of ancient medieval re-enactments, such as the famous Palio, a medieval horse run. Fucecchio is a constant surprise for the visitor. Come and discover it, or rediscover it with new eyes. You will be fascinated by it.


The city of Fucecchio still retains that charm of a border area, historically disputed to guard the passage of the Arno and the prosperous territories it crosses.
1 September 2022

Discovering the markets and the sweetest parade there is, between music, events >>>

Historic center

16 September 2022

19/05/2024. An ancient contest of medieval origins, a rebirth that, from 1981 onwards...

Buca del Palio

23 May 2024

On warm summer evenings, tastings and typical products for all lovers of good food >>>

Piazza Montanelli

23 May 2024

02/06/2024. The infiorata is an ephemeral art that consists of making real designs on the ground >>>

Centro storico

Slide Le Cerbaie Museo Via Francigena PALIO Padule Historic center a a a DISCOVER Fucecchio
The historic center of Fucecchio offers the opportunity to walk within the walls of the ancient castle, while the surrounding area offers an uncontaminated environment full of surprises to discover, at a slow pace... Le Cerbaie Via Francigena
Historic center Museum Museum a And much more.. a a a a a a Via Francigena Fucecchio centro storico PALIO


Are you looking for traces of an ancient past or do you want to immerse yourself in the nature of the Marshes for birdwatching? Do you want to know the true traditions and the genuineness of the recipes of this land? Here is the opportunity to discover the true face of a most authentic Tuscan village.

Choose where to stay on your next vacation in Tuscany

All the taste and authentic quality of typical Tuscan foods

The shops in Fucecchio will surprise you with their quality

Everything you need for an active and carefree holiday

The most fashionable items come from here, discover Tuscan manufacturing excellence

Buy the most genuine fruits of the earth from local producers

In the heart of Tuscany

Located on the border between the province of Florence, Pisa and Lucca, equidistant from the main cities of art and an ideal starting point for suggestive excursions on foot, by bike, on horseback in the surrounding countryside. Fucecchio boasts an ideal location for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.
Toscana mappa


Let yourself be surprised by the many emotions that you can experience while staying in this corner of Tuscany. We have selected for you some activities that will make your holiday in Tuscany unforgettable.

Trekking fotografico alla scoperta del PADULE DI FUCECCHIO

Environmental Trekking


Fucecchio Vintage Tour

The Art of Homemade Ice Cream

Storytelling Experience Tour

Padule di Fucecchio

Exploring Fucecchio, born of the Fucecchio Tourism Association, was created with the aim of promoting the Fucecchio territory, creating synergies between operators in the sector and all those who want to enhance the tourist potential of the city.

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