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7Th Scent

7th Scent
7th Scent
7th Scent

Tuscany Family Apartments

We are Martin and Tamara from the Netherlands, where we have been actively engaged for several years with our passion for training and working with our sniffer dogs in the field of drugs, explosives, fireworks, money, etc. What we enjoyed, until it was time for a new challenge: training truffle dogs in Italy and organising active holidays for lovers of this beautiful region of Italy. This idea was born during our trips to beautiful Tuscany where we both fell in love with the beautiful nature, the mentality of the locals, of course the delicious food, fantastic wines, olives and, above all, TRUFFLES. In the meantime, we are very happy that the plan has come true to be able to leave together with our 5 dogs in Italy where we are staying in a beautiful location in the middle of the woods after a year of preparation from Holland, and from here we can offer dog holidays, workshops and training in Tuscany in the middle of the truffle zone of this region. Our name 7th Scent has a special meaning for us: it comes from our passion for sleuthing, a combination of the name of 1 of our truffle sniffer dogs (Seven), and Scent stands for smell. It is an easy to recognise name that also includes various other products: dog holidays, various workshops and dog training, dog boarding. Organic products such as our 7th Scent olive oil, fresh truffle products and dog supplies are also part of our offer. Feel free to take a look at our varied offer, everyone's choice can be had, everything can be combined. Enjoy taking a look around our site, hope to see you in beautiful Tuscany.


  • Tartufo Dog Tours & Workshops
  • Tuscany dog holiday
  • Visits to stables, sheep breeding, wine tours

7th Scent

Vacanze con cani

Exploring Fucecchio, born of the Fucecchio Tourism Association, was created with the aim of promoting the Fucecchio territory, creating synergies between operators in the sector and all those who want to enhance the tourist potential of the city.

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