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The Municipal Library named after the celebrated journalist Indro Montanelli from Fucecchio is located in the historic center of the town, in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
It consists of a general section containing open shelf books for consultation or loan; a section reserved for magazines and newspapers; a large section dedicated to local documentation with monographs and brochures on Fucecchio and the surrounding area; a multilingual shelf.
There is also one of the richest municipal historical archives.
The Library’s offer is also enriched by the children’s section and the “Fairy Tree” playroom, including texts for school research, fiction books for school-age children and a space for the little ones to start learning about books and reading.

Sections of the Library
General section
The general section contains open shelf books on all disciplines, according to the following scheme:
000 General works
100 Philosophy
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Languages
500 The sciences
600 Technique
700 The arts
800 Literature
900 History and Geography

All books in this section can be borrowed except those marked red on the spine.

Section magazines and local documentation

MAGAZINES SECTION – The library has subscriptions to magazines and newspapers. The loan of magazines is allowed for two weeks, with the exception of the last issue published. Newspapers from the last week are excluded.
LOCAL DOCUMENTATION – The library includes a large section where documentation on the history, environment and local economy is collected, with monographs and brochures on Fucecchio and the surrounding area. The books in this section are excluded from lending, with the exception of some marked in blue on the spine.

Multilingual shelf
The library offers foreign communities in the area books in the original language (Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Spanish and German), to maintain relations with the language, history and cultural heritage of the country of origin.

Children’s library and playroom “Albero Fatato”
CHILDREN SECTION – Includes books for school research and fiction books for school-age children. All books can be borrowed, except those marked in red.
CHILDREN SECTION – Space reserved for children organized in order to facilitate the first contacts with the book and reading. All the books in this section can be borrowed.

Among the initiatives organized to bring children closer to reading there is ” The time of the story ”, an hour dedicated to the little ones during which you can listen to exciting stories read aloud; workshops and readings by the Library or in collaboration with associations, artists and professionals.

“Egisto Lotti” historical archive

The municipal historical archive is, in Tuscany, one of the richest of its kind.
It is made up of 4738 documents dating back from 1271 to 1950: from the 14th century statute. to the administrative practices of the 1950s.
In the pre-unification section it preserves a very rich documentation, such as to allow the reconstruction of the political and social history of a territory of great strategic importance, located in a border area between Lucca and Florentine domains and more generally useful for illustrating important aspects of Tuscan history starting from the communal age. The inventory is accompanied by introductions to the fonds and series and is preceded by an introduction by the historian Alberto Malvolti.
In 2007 the Municipal Historical Archive was named after Egisto Lotti, curator of the archive and popularizer of the history of our city. Consultation of documents takes place by appointment.

Access is free and open. Not only scholars, researchers and students can attend the Historical Archive, but also a non-specialist public.

How to apply:
To consult the archival documentation, a request must be completed using the appropriate forms and showing an identity document. All documents kept in the Archive can be consulted with the exception of those of a confidential nature.
The documentation consulted, after 1900 and in good condition, can be photocopied at the request of the interested party by the staff of the Historical Archive. For the previous documentation, deteriorated or otherwise excluded from photocopying, in the opinion of the operator, it is possible to carry out photographic reproduction by and at the expense of the applicant.
Consultation of documents takes place by appointment.

The oldest documentation preserved in the Historical Archive, relating to the years 1271-1329, can be consulted online at


Space dedicated to four-legged friends that the Municipal Library has activated for its users. The space offers a carabiner attached to the wall, to which the owner can tie the leash, a cot and a bowl for water. A service that expands the library’s offer and allows users to bring their dog with them and leave it safely in the area dedicated to it. An idea immediately appreciated by dog owners who buy and voluntarily donate boxes of kibble to share with other users and passing dogs.

Exploring Fucecchio, born of the Fucecchio Tourism Association, was created with the aim of promoting the Fucecchio territory, creating synergies between operators in the sector and all those who want to enhance the tourist potential of the city.

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